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Jade is truly a Gem
« on: May 24, 2017, 04:25:46 PM »

I have this posted in my website, but didn't want to pest the man who wrote it to post in more places, so here it's me posting ;).

Jade is truly a Gem

What a woman ! Kind, caring , beautiful and sexy as hell. Jade made my 1st trip to Love Ranch memorable in so many ways.

As a first time visitor I was a bit nervous and I’m sure it showed. Jade immediately put me at ease with her warm smile friendly hug and soft voice. This woman exudes class and sophistication.  She led me to her room without hurry all the while chatting like we were old friends. We sat in her room and talked about our lives unhurriedly for a while before ever talking “business” putting me even more at ease. We did finally negotiate a party and she was very generous with her time while working with my budget. Couldn’t have been any easier.

The details of my party will forever remain between Jade and me and I am extremely happy about them! I can’t imagine what you might want (she can) but for me it was heaven. She didn’t hesitate to make me feel as if I was her entire world while I was there, all the while talking to me as if we had been lovers for years. Her skill at making me at ease and satisfying all of my physical wants was just what I came to her for. She is amazing!

If you are ever in the vicinity (and I’m not already there) you need to stop by and spend some time with the best of the best.

Thank you Jade I’ll be back soon!!!!


Rusty no more 😘

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