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Lily at Inez
« on: July 04, 2017, 12:16:05 AM »
Hi everyone!  I just got back from having an AMAZING time with Lily at Inez's!   After reading some of her reviews here, I decided to book an hour and try out Lily's nuru massage and Holy Slip 'n Slide, Batman!  It was SO NICE!  The nuru gel transfers every detail of her body!  Anyway, I'm getting a bit ahead of myself.

I got there a little early and I had a brief chat with Peter again before Lily came out.  We took a quick trip to her room to get the negotiation out of the way, got stripped down and headed to the table shower room where she already had the water running to get warm (for which I was grateful).  She got me all lubed up and gave a top-shelf massage.  It was really quite nice.  While she was doing her thing, I got a chance to look over her tattoos, of which she has many.  We spent about a half-hour doing the nuru, after which we scrubbed down, toweled off, and headed back to her room.

She started me out with an absolutely breath-taking blow job.  I have to say I'm quite impressed!  I would have assumed she'd have strained her jaw with the way she went at it.  After I just about finished when she stopped, gave me a smile and climbed aboard.  I'm not sure what the name of the position actually is, but I call it "The Frogger" (which is also the name of my favorite arcade game, by the way - go 80's!).  I can't believe how tight she is!  I find it kind of difficult to finish, but she rode me like I was a prize bull and pulled off the miracle!  the woman has stamina!  We still had a couple of minutes before the timer went off, so she gave me a quick rub down to cool me off, and we got the chance to chat a bit about her home country.

All in all, I consider the encounter to have been wildly successful!  Thanks to Lily for a fantastic time, and thanks to the people at Inez's for picking Lily to come work the floor!  Well chosen, Louis!

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Re: Lily at Inez
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Wowsa, that was a hot review, 11 more days til I hit up Inez, can't wait.  Armond

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Re: Lily at Inez
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Tq.. Fairytale.  Hope to see you again soon.

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Re: Lily at Inez
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Everyone loves Lily.