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a lil' erotica
« on: December 05, 2011, 08:40:59 PM »
Mary smirked to herself as the pounding on the wall increased slightly in speed and matched the rhythm of the sexual grunts coming from the motel room next door. The bed on the other side of the wall had seen constant fucking since she’d checked in at noon, and it was almost 5 p.m. now. She chuckled at her own envy even as the distinct sounds of sex worked their way over her own senses. She wanted some serious sexual action right now, but as a stranger in a strange land, she didn’t know where to go. She figured she could go to a club and pick up some man, but the idea of waiting hours while scanning the crowd for the best lay didn’t appeal to her. She wanted easy, she wanted fast, she wanted now. Mary closed her eyes as she lay spread-eagled on the bed, focusing on the sounds, which seemed to get louder as she concentrated. In her mind, she pictured a toned stud pounding his rock-hard meat into her dripping cunt, and her legs opened wider as if he’d just crawled between them. Her left hand moved to her chest and rubbed the nipple on one of her breast through the soft material of her faded shirt, making the nub stand out long and hard. She was proud of her own nipples, which grew very long when she was aroused. Her sex partners’ eyes would always pop out when they saw them, and they loved to suck on them for a long time. She loved to let them. She stripped off her old T-shirt and let the cool air of the room wash over her naked flesh. Her other nipple peaked slightly in response to the air, and she quickly rubbed it to make it catch up with the other. Soon, it was standing out as much as the other one, and she licked the fingers of both her hands and rubbed them on her nipples to make them wet. She pinched her them lightly at first, tweaking them harder and harder as the groans from next door began to escalate. She could feel her cunt get moist, and her hips moved slightly on the bed as her breathing sped up a little. Damn, she wished she had someone in the room to do the work for her. Tweaking her own nipples felt good, but they were getting a little raw from her constant pinching. She sat up slightly and sat back against the headboard, pushing her breast toward her own mouth. She was fortunate enough to have breasts shaped just so, and sized just so, that she could suck her own nipples if she bent her head carefully. She stuck one of her long nipples between her lips and sucked, flicking it with her tongue a few times. She squeezed the other breast roughly with her hand, quickly rubbing her palm back and forth over the nipple every few gropes......
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to be continued


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Re: a lil' erotica
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Mary sighed in frustration when her neck got tired of her bent position. She slumped down a little to rest her elbows on the pillows as she went back to rubbing her breasts, and she jerked slightly as the crotch seam of her cut-offs pulled hard and high against her pussy. She realized her cunt wanted attention, too, and that her clit was getting more aroused than she thought.

A loud feminine scream came from the next room, signaling that some lucky bitch had just gotten off. “Fuck!” Mary whispered out loud, part in jealousy and part in awe at the woman’s volume and tone. It made her hot to think that some woman was getting the pounding of her life just a few feet away. She unfastened her cutoffs and shoved them off her legs, flinging them off the bed with her foot. She parted her knees wide, exposing her twat to the room, and moved her hands to her cunt. She opened the lips with one hand while the fingers of the other toyed with her clit. Her hips jerked, and she moaned softly as the rubbing sensation sent thrilling shocks down her body.

As she continued flicking her wet clit with her fingers, her hips increased their movement and rhythm. Her nipples were fully extended by this time, and she wished someone were there to suck them hard. She raised her wet fingertips to one of them and coated it with her own juices.

The woman next door was still screaming, obviously from multiple orgasms. The sound thrilled Mary, who was getting off on the image of some faceless woman being fucked within and inch of her life. She hoped the woman got off several times, at least until Mary could bring herself to climax.

She heard a man’s long and loud groan, followed by the words, “Fuck, yeah, baby, suck it all off! That’s it, little cocksucker, take my boner down your throat!” The pounding never ceased, though, and Mary realized that there were more than two people in the next room. She moaned as a new image took place, of a woman with a cock pumping furiously into her cunt as another was fucking her mouth. “Fuck me,” Mary whispered, increasing the tempo of her clit-rubbing fingers. She slipped her fingers down a little :) :) :) :) :)

more to cum....

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Re: a lil' erotica
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“Fuck, yeah, baby, suck it all off! That’s it, little cocksucker, take my boner down your throat!”
Damn, sounds like one of my parties... ;)

Do you really wanna party with me?
Let me see just what you got for me-
$300 sounds right to me-
For a 1hr G-F-E...



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Re: a lil' erotica
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Darn another Author in the making ....I gotta admit she has talent .. ;)


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Re: a lil' erotica
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jUsT gettin warmed up ;) :P ;D :-*


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Re: a lil' erotica
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