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Reasons not to use a credit card at the brothels.

1.  Often there are surcharges for use.  If not, you can bet that the credit card company is charging you something for use.

2.  Using a credit card lets the brothel see what your limit is, and accordingly some house have been known to use that info to pressure you into a bigger dollar party.

3.  Taking a credit card into a brothel limits you only to the amount of your limit on the card.  The temptation to go above your budget is high because of this.  Same is true with cash.  NEVER take more money into the house then you are willing to spend.  If you take in $1000 in cash, you can bet your bottom dollar you'll spend it.  If you take in a credit or debit card your odds of maxing them out are good.  Bare in mind this too when using a debit card.  That daily limit means jack crap.  The cashier can call the bank 24 hours a day for an extension of the limit with your voice authorization.  As long as you have enough money in your account, you can access most of it.

4.  If you want to remain anonymous NEVER use a credit or debit card.  It doesn't matter that most brothels list the transaction as a cash transfer or to some nebulous business, there's a paper trail and any good PI or lawyer can trace it right back to where you've been.  Also keep in mind credit and debit card records are subject to warrants by law enforcement if they are investigating anything.  Say you have a lady you partied with that's wanted for solicitation in another community.  They can not only get the brothels records you can bet they'll be calling you on the phone, or god forbid knocking on your door asking if you know anything about that person, whether you do or not.

5.  Some credit card companies do not want to do business with sex industry businesses like brothels.  If they find out the charges are to a brothel you can have a crap load of headaches not the least of which is them denying the charges or even canceling your account.

This is Nevada.  Cash is king, and cash is discrete.  Do yourself a favor and hit a branch of your bank or its ATM before going out to the houses.

cASH...wherever possible...


Just remember that the banks ,must tell the irs,when you take out $10,000.00 Cash..Or their abouts.......

either one is good at my place i know they dont charge you a surcharge it only charges what your credit card company asks for when you charge something to your card we dont get anything out of also comes up as "cash advanced nevada" so its discreet more you pay the better the play they take everything except AMEX tho

I usually leave the plastic and money I don't want to spend in my hotel room, thus I can't spend more than I have in my wallet, no matter how tempted I may be.


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