Author Topic: Emily and Jessy @ Mona's Ranch & Sparky @ The Dovetail - A Learning Experience  (Read 1660 times)

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So I started lurking the forums a few weeks ago, looking to plan a trip out to Nevada , check out the LPIN scene, have  good time and learn some moves while getting more comfortable with sexy times with beautiful women (my previous few experiences didn't exactly go great).

Anyways, man oh man am I glad I decided on the Elko area.  I rang Louis up on my way there; everyone around here says Mona's and Inez's simply can't be beat. He was super helpful, asked a bit about what I was looking for, let me know what to expect, and was about to recommend a specific lady for my first party before I blurted out that I was super interested in Emily or Jessy.  Great, he said, I think either of them would be perfect, and Emily's just the person I was going to recommend for your first party.  Got into town just fine (not a fan of the drive from Salt Lake city at night though), freshened up with a shower, and off to Mona's.  Was welcomed by Mike (I think), who was super nice, handed me a beer, and kept me entertained for the few minutes it took before Emily came out to say hello.

Emily @ Mona's Ranch:

If you've checked out the websites, you already have an idea of just how gorgeous Emily is (I think the picture of her in the pink bustier is my favourite), but of course she's even more stunning in person. I was super nervous as she came out, so we hung out at the bar for a bit talking while I nursed my nerves with my beer and she enjoyed a glass of wine.  I was probably blathering on like an idiot most the time (again the nerves), but it was cool talking and getting a feel for her as a person. (*side note: I think we talked about traveling a bit, if anyone ever finds themselves in New York City, make sure to walk the High Line Park for some stunning views { }, and maybe hit Harlem for some bomb food { }). Anyways, Emily's super hot, with a super cute face, and also a good conversationalist; she quickly put me at ease, we finished our drinks, and off we went.
Negotiations were less negotiating and more of me explaining what I was looking to get out of the party.  I was aiming for something between the two parties mentioned here: as I'm not a virgin, but experience wise I'd felt I may as well have been.  So I decided to spend an hour and half with the lovely Emily trying out everything that could pop into my head: some kissing to start with, my first experience with a dental dam, some practice with my fingers (I'm a bit of a people pleaser and love the sounds a woman makes when she's enjoying herself), and then a bunch of different positions I was interested in (some pulled from: ).
Alas, the dreaded knock did come too soon, but I had a phenomenal first LPIN experience with Emily. It was just great.
(P.S. If you're down for it, ask Emily if y'all can use her vibrator in your party, highly recommend it.)

Jessy @ Mona's Ranch:

One of the reasons I ended up picking Elko for my trip was my desire to party with a smokin' Asian provider, and maaaan is Jessy all that and more.  I'm not quite sure her pictures do her justice; an amazing body, a great booty, and a cute face and smile too.  I was significantly less nervous with a general idea of what to expect, got welcomed to the bar by Louis this time.  He was just as great in person as on the phone and I enjoyed chatting a bit before Jessy came out to join me.  Enjoyed talking with her, she's another great conversationalist; we finished our drinks, and off I went for round two for an hour.
I'm not sure negotiating is the right word for the experiences I had at Mona's, again it was super smooth and easy, more of just a general conversation about activities I was interested in. Since my nerves were basically non-existent, I kind of just jumped right into it with Jessy, having some fun with the stuff I was more comfortable with because of Emily and a few new things Jessy suggested (let's just say chairs are a great piece of furniture to have in the bedroom).  I'd asked Jessy to be a bit aggressive and boy did she deliver, she was amazingly energetic and I loved our time together.
(P.S. Jessy's got some serious skills with her mouth, and is a true champ, she's super eager to please!)

Overall, I had one of the best times of my life at Mona's with these two lovely ladies, and I'm dying to take another trip out here much sooner than I'd intended.

Sparky @ The Dovetail Ranch

So with my trip wrapping up and my budget running low, I decided to check out the awesomeness of a log cabin brothel that is The Dovetail.
It didn't disappoint, the bar was really cool; the bartender (I can't recall her name) and Sparky were fun to talk with.  I had my hopes up to see the universally acclaimed Roxy for a bit, but unfortunately she wasn't working that afternoon (curse my aversion to making a simple phone call).  But I was there, and I'd enjoyed hanging out with Sparky and I've got a bit of a thing for well done tattoos, so off I went to party with her for the end of my trip. The photos of her on The Dovetail website give you a decent idea of what she's like, only she has shorter, lighter-colored hair now, and a bit more of a belly than it appears on the site.  She still has a great figure overall, and her butt does not disappoint. 
Now, this was my first experience with a negotiation in the truest since of the word, and admittedly my budget was running low, but I just didn't quite nail the right price to be both happy and enjoy my time.
Don't get me wrong, Sparky was a cool lady, but half an hour just wasn't enough time to really enjoy myself with her, and maybe if I'd been more shrewd at negotiating I could've stretched it to 45 minutes or so (I'm not 100%, but I don't think that would've been unheard of in the area on my budget.)
Anyways, I only had time for a few of the many many things I would've enjoyed doing to and with Sparky, but what we had time to get to, I enjoyed.  I was also a bit disappointed she wasn't down for the same type of GFE activities I'd loved over at Mona's.  Not bad, but not necessarily a phenomenal way to end my trip.  (Maybe I was just  blinded by the awesome experiences I'd already had over in Elko).

So again, to wrap up, I had a great trip overall.  Loved my time in Elko.  I really appreciated the affectionate, understanding, educational attention from Emily, absolutely loved my frenetic, energetic time with Jessy, and enjoyed checking out the Dovetail over in Carlin.

Truly, I feel no one could go wrong making the trip out to Mona's or Inez's in Elko, I simply can't wait for my next opportunity!

P.S. Let me know if its a faux-pas for me to hotlink the pictures, I will happily quickly edit the post and take them off, I'm just grinning ear to ear as I had such a great time with these ladies and want to give an idea of just how beautiful they are!

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Great report, HPH!  Looks like Mona's has a winner in Jessy.  Every report I've read about her has been glowing.  Due to my budget (isn't that always the reason) I didn't party with her my last trip but we did get to chat.  She's a total hottie and if the opportunity presents itself again, I will definitely take it.

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Thank you for the reviews and it was nice meeting you too!

Hope to see you soon.